How to Make Homemade Pregnancy Test with Bleach

Do you wake up today with severe nausea or headaches? Is your body reacting in a different way last few days?

Are you trying to conceive or badly hoping you’re not pregnant?

In both cases, you have to be sure first, rather than keep any dilemma in your mind. A very common kitchen ingredient “Bleaching Powder” may help you to reach a conclusion.

You Heard Right!

Bleach is used for various household chores to clean kitchen and toilet staffs. Surprisingly this can also be used as your pregnancy test kit.

It sounds unbelievable to you or may flag on its reliability.

Here, you’re going to learn about How to Make Homemade Pregnancy Test with Bleach, its reliability, and some safety tips.

It’s simple, quick and cheap!!!

It’s said that the hCG hormone in urine reacts with the bleaching powder and makes it foamy and fizzy. You can predict the result based on it.

It’s fun, but still trustworthy.

Do you know what the bleach test is and how it works? It is very important to know about a free traditional early pregnancy test before taking a confirming laboratory test.

What is a Bleach Pregnancy Test?

The bleach in urine is a traditional homemade pregnancy test of checking the pregnancy. Bleach is the pregnancy indicator which gives you an idea either you’re pregnant or not. Bleach test is simple and you don’t need to spend money on it. You can also do it when you find some early symptoms of pregnancy in you. You can call it an early pregnancy test before conformity.

Bleach is highly reactive with pregnant pee elements. Bleach in urine reacts to give the result. If the reaction produces bubbles or foam, you may be pregnant. But if there is no change or visible reaction, it’s a negative result.

If you’re trying to conceive, don’t be panic with the negative result. Use a pregnancy test kit, which is very accurate and similar to a laboratory test result.

How Does a Bleach Pregnancy Test Work?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone (hCG) is the main indicator of pregnancy. Placenta starts producing the hCG. During the first trimester of pregnancy, every day the hCG level increase in blood.

While the hCG level increases at a certain level, it starts excretion through urine. In the rest condition, the hCG production and excretion are high. Therefore, the early morning urine of a pregnant woman contains the highest level of hCG than any other time of the day.

hCG is highly reactive with bleach. If you put the early morning pregnant bleach in urine, it will start producing foam or bubble. It shows a clear indication that you’re pregnant. More than 60% case, this homemade pregnancy test shows correct results. Although it is not higher than the pregnancy test kit result, still it’s a good figure.

However, if there is no bubble or foam producing after pouring the urine on bleach, it indicates you’re not pregnant.

homemade pregnancy test
homemade pregnancy test


How to make homemade pregnancy test with bleach?

You don’t need to buy something from outside to perform the homemade pregnancy test. The ingredients you need for it are readily available at home. Morning is the perfect time to complete the test and expect a real result.

Ingredients you need are-

  1. a) Two disposable cup
  2. b) Bleach
  3. c) Urine
  4. d) Spoon

Collect two tablespoons of urine in cup one which may be one-fourth of the cup in the morning. Prepare the other cup with bleach and the quantity is still the same as two tablespoons or one fourth.

There is not an exact quantity mentioned anywhere. Therefore you can use any quantity of urine or bleach to see the efficiency of the test. However, various home remedy experts recommend using two teaspoons of urine or bleach for achieving the correct result.


After adding the bleach in the first cup if you find continuous water boiling as the bubble comes from the lower part of the cup, you are pregnant. It is due to the reaction of hCG with bleach. The process starts instantly and lasts for around two minutes.

You will find light bubble comes from the lower part very slowly and the bubbling disappears quickly. It indicates the pregnancy test result is negative.

Now it comes for the second cup. After adding two teaspoons of bleach if it starts creating foam like a chilled beer, it indicates the homemade pregnancy test is positive. But if the concentration of the foam is not changing it indicates a negative result.

Bleach Pregnancy Test: Reliable or Not

It’s very ambitious to expect 100% correct result from the bleach in urine pregnancy test. It’s not very accurate as the result of a pregnancy test kit or laboratory test results.

The various study shows around 60% accuracy of this homemade pregnancy test. This testing method needs very careful observation to draw a conclusion. People often miss interpreting the result, which affects the accuracy level of the test.


People often make a hurry and don’t wait for a minute to observe the outcome. Therefore, they find false positive results in many cases. As a result, a reliable home test method gives a false result.

Careful observation ensures a proper understanding of the test results and maximizes the reliability of the homemade pregnancy test. However, experts don’t recommend it as a conformity test of pregnancy.

Is there anything that Affect the Bleach Test Result?

hCG has low or no compatibility with the food elements. Therefore, food intake has no impact on the bleach test result.

However, if you have hypertension and use diuretics, you might worry a little. There are few diuretics, which causes frequent urination than usual. It reduces the concentration of hCG in urine. Therefore, you may get a false negative result.

There is another issue which might affect the homemade pregnancy test result. If you drink a large quantity of water, there is a high chance to get a false result. More water consumption causes more diluted urine, which contains less hCG concentration. Therefore, it will cause a low reaction with bleach and show a false negative result.

Precaution You Should Take Before the Pregnancy Test

Ensure your safety is a dominant issue while you’re doing the homemade pregnancy test. You should be careful while doing the test and try to follow the recommended events.

  • Avoid collecting pee in the second cup containing the bleach. It may splish-splash which can hurt you or bleach can wet you. Remember bleach is a toxin for your body.
  • Use hand gloves and wear a mask while doing the test. It will protect you from bleach reaction fume. Gloves protect you from bleach in hand.
  • You must be careful in observing the test results at least for two minutes if you start believing it’s a positive result.
  • Avoid using the colored bleach and use the regular colorless bleach to perform the test. It will help you to understand the test result without any misleading.
  • Perform the test in a place having sufficient ventilation. The fume created by the reaction can cause suffocation.
  • Protect the bleach from coming out. As we all know the corrosive nature of the bleach, it can be harmful to your skin or your home décor.

Finally, you should remember that it’s a preliminary test before a confirmation lab test. Even you can be pregnant at every age. Therefore, either the result is a positive or negative, you should confirm it by a laboratory test. In any situation, don’t hesitate to contact your physician.


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