Are you expecting a baby? Have you met with your partner during your fertile time? Have you started some special feeling inside you? You might feel some sperm has met with your ovum. It might take too long to get a positive result in a pregnancy test. After ten days from ovulation, it not wise to check with the pregnancy test kit. It is too early for showing an accurate result.


You may wonder how soon you can get symptoms of pregnancy. Undoubtedly, a missing period is the most significant symptoms of pregnancy. Waiting till missing your period is very frustrating. However, there are many early symptoms of pregnancy in the first month before missed period. Your body starts changing for the new motherhood. Therefore, you have to notice the vital 17 early symptoms of pregnancy in the first month to get a clear idea before a pregnancy test.





















Symptoms and Signs Starting Time Frame (Days)
NAUSEA 28 to 42
MOOD SWING 28 to 35


ALWAYS TIRED-The First Early Pregnancy Symptoms

You might be very active a few days ago. Suddenly, you don’t want to work. You become very lazy and try to avoid the simple task. Your blood sugar is rising while your vessels are dilating.


Tiredness is the first symptom of pregnancy which starts within a few days of ovulation. This symptom indicates your body start supporting your fetus.


Moreover, just after conception, the progesterone level increases and continues to increase up to your first trimester. The hormone, Progesterone inhibits the contraction of uterine and suppress the body immunity that may reject the fetus. This increased level of progesterone makes you exhausted.


NAUSEA – A Classic Pregnancy Indicator

It’s not always mandatory that you vomit. But you might have a feeling of vomiting all the time, especially in morning and evening. Your days are not the same anymore. You might run to the restroom to spill your guts, soon after waking up.


Nausea is a classic indicator of early pregnancy. Almost every expecting mother have this symptom. This symptom is very prominent in a woman who conceives due to having human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) and estrogen. For many women, this is the first symptom of early pregnancy. Although most women feel this in the morning, nausea observes in the daytime also.


MISSED PERIOD- Crucial Symptoms of Early Pregnancy

While thinking for a baby, after met with your partner, the most significant symptom of pregnancy is missing period. It’s the most noticeable symptoms especially when it’s due. Based on cycle length, a woman’s period might start within a couple of weeks after ovulation. Some women have light bleeding after conception. But, this situation is very unusual.


You may experience light bleeding within the first trimester of your pregnancy. The most prominent cause is the lower lining of the placenta.


Don’t think missed period confirms you’re pregnant.


There are many causes for a missing period like over stress, extreme physical labor, hormonal changes, therapy, etc. However, the missed is the most vital and noticeable sign of pregnancy.


ELEVATION OF BODY TEMPERATURE- Early Pregnancy Sign with in First Week

You don’t have a fever although your body temperature have a sudden elevation. Your partner may already notify you that your body is warm with a confirm 1-2 degree temperature elevation. It is due to changes in the sensory organ. Your body thermostat has already set to a new point.


Due to the development of your baby inside you, multiple adjustments and the metabolic process run additionally inside your body. As a result, there is an elevation of body temperature. This metabolic process is necessary to develop the fetus.


SWOLLEN OR TENDER BREAST- A Major Indicator of Pregnancy

In the ordinary case, the swollen or tender breast is very unusual for women. Suddenly, you notify, there is a high pain feeling on the nipple. It becomes very tough for you to change your skirt or tee shirt. You are afraid of the pain due to a little touch of clothes.


It is one of the confirmed indicators of early pregnancy. Around 95% of women have this common sign before a confirmation test. Together with elevated temperature, and tiredness, tender breast indicates you’re going to get some specific new within a few weeks.


CHANGE IN DIET- Growing Up New Habit of Eating

Just a week ago, you cannot think a day without pizza, hotdog, burger, fries, etc. Within a week, you’re not able to tolerate this food anymore. There is someone in your tummy that hates or loves to take something. As a result, your diet has changed a lot.


The aversion of food is an early sign of pregnancy before missed period. Due to changes in hormone, you become very selective for taking food. Food aversion is common signs of pregnancy. This sing is similar for 100% of women who have conceived.


MOOD SWINGS-A Definite Tell to All

You have already lost your control over emotion. Everything makes you annoyed and cannot resist your anger. You shout over other for no reason. Moreover, small things like a YouTube video can make you wet a cloth.


A small baby video of your relative or on YouTube cuts your emotion to an ultimate level. Hormonal changes and imbalance affect your emotional state. If this mood swing continues for two to four days, it’s a perfect time to talk with your doctor or check a simple pregnancy test.


Already, the fluctuation of hormone starts for ensuring a quick growth to your fetus. The hormonal changes control of emotion and make you moody than usual.


HEADACHE AND DIZZINESS – A Vital Sign of Early Pregnancy

You might complain about having a headache. You have also experienced dizziness all day. Dizziness continues even after a full daytime sleep. Don’t worry more because you might get the most desired news of your life within a few weeks.


Some women have a headache during their period due to the rise in estrogen level which continues for a day or two. After conception, the estrogen level increase more and therefore, those women experience a headache for more time.


If your headache continues with other signs like tiredness, elevated temperature, breast tenderness, etc. you are ready to take a pregnancy test. Positive test confirmation is now a matter of time only.


FOOD CRAVING- Very Common in Pregnant Women

We have already talked about food aversion and mood swing. Food craving is an exceptional sign of pregnancy. Suppose you hate to drink milk and always find some bad smell in it. All on a sudden, you’ve felt a strong desire to drink milk. Your delusion is so strong that even a tsunami cannot stop you from drinking milk.


You sudden desire for unusual food indicates that you’re pregnant. Most of the women share about this experience in the Most of them said about some strange food they felt strong desire. Although, you didn’t like that food only a few days ago.


CERVICAL MUCOUS- A Prominent Early Symptoms of Pregnancy


Vaginal discharge is quite common in adult women after the age of twelve. However, after ovulation excessive mucous comes out from the vagina. Cervical mucous become thick during ovulation. If the conception doesn’t occur, the thick mucus dried out within 24 hours. But the thick mucus continues if the sperm meets with the ovum.


After the continuation of the fetus, the vaginal mucus is available for at least four weeks at the similar thickness. Moreover, at a certain level, the cervical mucus is possible throughout the entire duration of pregnancy. Cervical mucus ensures the resistance for the bacteria to attack your baby.


LOWER BACK PAIN- A Sever Indication of Pregnancy

It’s very rare to find a pregnant woman who never experiences lower back pain at any time of her pregnancy. During pregnancy, the significant change of your body is in your guts. Hormonal changes impact the body shape changes.


The human hormone relaxin is higher in the blood. It relaxes the ligaments, joints, and muscle. This hormone allows your body to accommodate your baby for the next couple of months. This hormone also changes the structure of the body to give a healthy vaginal delivery. This long hazing of your body by relaxing and your baby causes severe back pain. Like a very early stage, most of the women feel severe lower back pain in any trimester of pregnancy.


CONSTIPATION – A Massive Indicator of Pregnancy

Constipation is very common in a woman after conception. Duo to hormonal change in pregnancy the digestive system become slowly performing than the usual. Therefore, you’ll have mild constipation. Constipation is very common after conception. Around 90% of women have constipation during the early stage of pregnancy. Some of them have constipation the entire pregnancy duration.


Progesterone is mostly responsible for constipation in pregnant women. After conception, there is an increase in progesterone level. Progesterone inhibits or slows down the gut motility that is important to retain the fetus in the uterus. As a result, you may experience constipation after conception.


FREQUENT URGE TO PEE- A Small but Effective Indication

Suddenly at night, your bladder becomes busty, which you have never experienced before. This sign indicates that your ovulated egg starts implanting in the uterus. You’ll be in a hurry to empty your bladder.


The so-called pregnancy hormone (hCG) is responsible for the frequent urination. Frequent urination is the normal physiology to protect your fetus, as it has a loose bonding with the uterine wall. If you’re waiting to know, this might be a powerful pregnancy indication.


Moreover, you will experience the urgency of pee throughout the pregnancy. Frequent urination helps to empty your bladder and restricts urinary infections.


BLOATING AND CRAMPING- A Prominent Signs for Pregnancy

You may have confused that you’ve experience bloating each month before your period. Ovulated egg’s implantation on the uterus can create signs of PMS. But you will not have a period anymore. Therefore, bloating with a missed period is a prominent sign of pregnancy while you are expecting. Bloating is an impact of reduced gut motility due to increased Progesterone level.


About fifty percent of women experience mild cramping like her period in the early days of conception. This cramping is due to the ovum implementation in the uterus. Cramping can cause mild back pain and bloat.


VERY SENSITIVE TO SMELL- A Good Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

You might find yourself very sensitive to smell in the early days after conception. Most of the women have reported about smell sensitivity in the early stage of pregnancy. You can guess the cooking of your neighbor from your place. This sensitivity continues throughout the first trimester.


Smell sensitivity triggers vomiting and nausea. You may frighten to take foods having a specific smell.


METALLIC TASTE – A Common Symptoms of Pregnancy

Metallic taste or dysgeusia is one of the common symptoms that appear before a positive test result. More than fifty percent of pregnant women say that they don’t understand why the foods become tasteless. Few of them report that the taste of some specific food lingers for a long time. Most of them have experienced this problem until their second trimester.


Hormonal imbalance is responsible for metallic taste in the early stage of pregnancy. Estrogen has a significant impact on the taste nerve. Estrogen level balance is not stable until the second trimester. Therefore, you’ll experience a metallic taste until the second trimester.


EXCESSIVE SALIVATION- Most Women Find Common in Pregnancy

You always hate drooling and plan to teach your baby not to drool. But all on a sudden, you started salivating like a bull terrain. Excessive salivation occurs for acid reflux or morning sickness, which are common in every pregnant woman.


Progesterone is partially responsible for excessive salivation. Progesterone relaxes the muscle of the digestive system and reduces the motility of gut. Therefore, the sphincter of esophagus remains partially open. Reduce motility of the stomach needs some time to send the food downwards. As a result, the acid mixed food from stomach tries to get upward, which results in heartburn and acid reflux.


How I Become Sure About My Pregnancy

The early signs and symptoms are indicators that help you to understand your upcoming changes in the next couple of months. These early symptoms of pregnancy in the first month will help you to prepare for your baby.


However, you can take a pregnancy test kit from a pharmacy to have a quick check. The modern test kits are very efficient and give a similar result like a laboratory test.


Don’t worry about the signs. Still, there are many other symptoms that you may experience and new to others. In any confusion, the best option is to contact your gynecologist.


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